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Découvrez la trottinette arapaho au Pays Basque, la trottinette tout terrain !

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Descent of the Mount Baigura from the leisure center

A maximum of descent for maximum pleasure !

Activity that can be practiced in family or group.

The all-terrain scooter is a fun activity and a way to discover our mountains.


Supervised descent in Mountain scooter

Encadrement Trottinette Tout Terrain

Progress of the activity :

30 mn of preparation + 30 mn off shuttle + 40 to 60 mn of course

Meet at the leisure base center of Baigura (d119) between Louhossoa and Helette..
Presentation and familiarization with downhill gear, Mountain Scooters.
Small initiation at the base on a slight slope and obstacles, rules to hold, recommendations.
Journey to the top of Mount Baigura by train (about 25 minutes).
Course of 45 to 90 mm depending on the level of the public. Descent guided by a monitor until arrival, at your speed.

The Mountain Scooters rides

Descente Trottinette Tout Terrain Mont Baigura

From the summit of Mount Baigura, 2 courses are proposed :

  • Classic descent, arrived at the base accessible to as many leisure.
    Distance of 6 km with a negative drop of 630 m.
    Descent can be done in family (requiring a minimum of effort and condition)

  • Sporty descent longer and more physical arrival in Louhossoa.
    Distance of 10 km with a difference in height of 720 m.
    From 14 years, public having already made a short descent or for the more reckless.


Trottinette tout terrain tenue adaptée

Be 12 years old, have a minimum of balance and fitness (be a bit athletic).

Measure 1.40 m and do not exceed 130 kg (for safe descents).

For the descent, providing an outfit adapted to climate (900 m) and currency exchange. No small light hold.

Provide good shoes. Pants and long sleeves.

Despite a downhill course, remember that it takes a minimum of physical condition, and a total sobriety.
The instructor reserves the right to refuse the activity if not.

The activity can be done in any weather. In case of heavy rain or danger, it may be canceled (usually the day before).In this case, possibility of replacement by an initiation to Basque pelota or other activity.Go to The Baigura leisure center

Our prices include the equipment + the lift in small train (30 mn) + framing.

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