Cours de Pelote Basque


Discovery and introduction to Basque Pelota

Much more than a sport, pelota is one of the pillars of Basque culture.


Progress of the activity :

For a first approach, we propose 1 to 5 sessions of 1:30.
Presentation and demonstration of each speciality.
Technical introduction to the 4 main disciplines :

  • Main Nue
  • Pala
  • Xare
  • Chistera


Our programs :

  • Simple Animation
  • Tournaments
  • Demonstration or Progressive Initiation
  • Multiactivity
  • Challenge combining Basque Force, Pelote, Culture and Tradition

Places for practicing Basque Pelota

  • Trinquet Louhossoa
  • Near your accommodation center.
  • We move to any area of ​​your choice.
  • All the communes of the Basque Country have a place where you can freely practice the pelota Basque, or paying in fronton covered.

Program adjustable according to the number of sessions.
Package starting from 180 € per session of 1h30.

Benefits for individuals or groups.
More information :
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